October 03, 2015

30 Day Small Business Cleanse: Day 2

Well here we are, day 2 of our 30 day small business cleanse.

Yesterday's Task: Clean up and declutter your physical workspace. Clean off your desk, create a space to work over the next 29 days!

The assignment for day one was a good way to get our feet wet. We were lucky enough not to have to start out from absolute scratch. We were both really sick with a nasty cold last week, and as a result we did a mini cleanup early in the week in order to de-germ the studio. There were still a few piles here and there as well as some materials that had been shifted around from surface to surface for the past few weeks that were finally dealt with properly (there is nothing like a good deadline, and a little public pressure to help you get things done!). Oh, and miracle of miracles, we finally fixed the work calendar that hangs above the standing desk! It may seem like a small victory but it was pretty huge for us!

Our desks look much better after today's cleanup!
There's something about clearing your work surface off, washing it down and re-organizing it again that makes you feel like you have things under control. Like you're clearing out the cobwebs and are ready to get to work. Overall it was a pretty gradual way to get this project started but probably just the right speed for us right now.

L-R: We finally fixed our wall calendar (btw, just above the calendar are our very first experiments in letterpress, from grad school!) and afternoon baby cuddles as a reward!
Today's Task: Assess your overall situation. Where is your business now and what are you trying to achieve with this cleanse? Make a list of goals for this project.

Today's undertaking requires a little bit more consideration. It'll be a good exercise to help us put down on paper some of the ideas we've been throwing around for the past few weeks. Although we're over the moon that the little one is sleeping through the night, we do sort of miss those 3am nursing/pumping sessions. Not only because of the irresistible baby cuddles, but also because we often had great impromptu business meetings strangely enough.

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  1. Sleeping through the night? That's wonderful! Your undertakings are inspiring.