July 11, 2013

a lot going on

We're working really hard, getting ready for Unique LA this weekend, Renegade next weekend and then Eastside Handmade at the beginning of August. 
Some of our new cards launching at Unique and Renegade, our new neon cards and the new versions of our freeway cards without borders.
We have a number of new designs launching as well as the debut of our line of prints, both framed and unframed. We're also taking the opportunity to officially re-launch a few of our favorite designs. The freeway cards have gotten a bit of a makeover and we're bringing back our neon sign cards in black and white and in neon! We'll be listing everything in the shop shortly after Renegade.
L-R: our new letterpress summer cards and our new packaging, the aftermath of our card folding party, stamping paper bags for Unique and Renegade (we LOVE our new logo stamp!!!)
Our friend Robert Turek has also been working on a new display for us, we are so incredibly excited to see it for the first time tomorrow and to make use of it this weekend at Unique. (Here's a quick picture he sent us late last night!)

We're also working on a few longer term projects that we're incredibly excited about. We can't wait to tell you about them, so stay tuned! (A great way to do that is to join our email mailing list here).

L-R: Our stock for the shows, we're not done yet but we're getting there!, our pretty ice cream letterpress block while printing our strawberry cards, Robin taking a quick nap while printing.
There's definitely a lot going on these days, it's a little overwhelming sometimes, and we can't wait to start getting a little more sleep. But it's also really exciting (ok, we know, we've said that a lot in this post, we promise to be more eloquent once we've made it through the crazy!)
L-R: Our Hello Summer! letterpress cards and working on our Norm's Santa Monica block, one of our new line of prints that come both framed and un-framed.
Hope you're all having a great summer! It's actually raining here in L.A., the first summer rain we've seen since we moved here. It's really strange!

That's all for now, 



  1. Just found you via Julie Anne Art and I love your work!
    Big hello from a new fan :)