April 16, 2014

sorry for the radio silence!

It's hard to believe that April is already half over and May is almost on it's way! We've been very busy setting the agenda for what is left of the year, slowly getting the new studio up and running around with some lovely guests from out of town!

L-R: Our new addition wish list for this year, lilacs at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, sketching new card ideas.
It's always nice to sit down and talk about the designs we want to introduce next. It's especially fun to start sketching some of those ideas out! We've been working on some of these ideas for over a year, just waiting for everything to fall into place. It's been so hard to keep some of our new ideas under wraps, we're really really excited about some of the cards coming up!

L-R: a very full drying rack, getting some wholesale orders ready to ship, a corner of our studio in the sun.
Along with our regular Etsy orders, we've also had some wholesale orders keeping us busy lately as well as keeping our drying rack pretty full. We can't wait to announce some new stockists very soon! It's been challenging trying to meet these deadlines before we've transitioned to the new press. It's so tantalizing to think about how much less time it would take! But alas, there's just a little more work to do before we can plunge headlong into the future!

L-R: Wildflowering LA Site #38, Site #44, Site #38 again.
Rosemary's mother Nancy is also visiting from Montreal and we're having a great time running around Los Angeles doing the things you only get around to doing when you have guests visiting from out of town! The two of them headed off to the deLaB (design East of La Brea) tour of two of the Wildflowering LA sites as part of their Making LA Series. If you haven't checked out Fritz Haeg's project commissioned by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) in collaboration with the Theodore Payne Foundation that sowed 50 participating yards across Los Angeles with native wildflower seeds, you should! If you head over to their website, they offer a map for self-guided tours of all of their sites. Hurry though, before the weather turned too hot and the flowers start to go to seed!

L-R: Everyone's favorite letterpress ice cream cards, Eastside Handmade display ideas, our bottle jack press.
We've also been getting ready for the spring edition of Eastside Handmade in Highland Park on Saturday April 19th from 11am-4pm. It's kind of crazy that we officially launched Ink+Smog Editions at this show a year ago, it seems like yesterday! This will probably be one of the last chances to get your hands on stock printed on our handmade bottle jack press! We'll be transitioning over to the new equipment very soon and as a result, we'll be offering some discounts on our holiday collection as well as bringing back some old favorites like our letterpress ice cream cone cards.

So hopefully we'll see you this weekend!