March 06, 2014

and they're in!!!

The printing end of our studio space with the press and paper cutter installed.

After many weeks months of preparation and a lot of planning, we finally moved our new machinery into our new studio space this week! As many of you may know, the new machines arrived before our new studio was ready to receive them. So they've been in storage in our building since their arrival. It's been such a tease to have the press and paper cutter almost within our reach but unable to use them!

L-R: Our press guy getting the Windmill ready to move into our space, our press guy and the machinery movers getting ready to move the paper cutter into it's new home in our studio space.

It took our press guy and two machinery movers almost all day to unpack, partially disassemble and then reassemble our Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress and Chandler&Price Craftsman paper cutter. We were happy to provide donuts and coffee but other than that, we pretty much stood back and watched with bated breath as they worked away.

L-R: Moving the paper cutter along the hallway into our space, the press crosses the threshold into our studio.

Luckily both machines were in really good shape and everything went really smoothly. We were exhausted by the end of the day, but so so so excited and relieved to finally have everything in place and ready to go. We still have a little work to do, mainly we need to get an electrician in to do a little work, but we're nearly there! 

L-R: The paper cutter in its corner next to the composing table, the press on the other side of the composing table next to the window.

We're so ready to jump in now and get to work! Take a look at the video we took of the press when we first plugged it in this week, the rollers went in a few seconds later. It finally feels like things are moving along now, we should be up and running in no time now!

We hope that everyone is having a happy start to March,  for us it's brought our machines and some much-needed rain in the southland. Here's to more progress and hopefully more rain!