February 28, 2014

february in a nutshell

Sitting down to write this post today, we realized just how crazy things have been lately! Have we really not written a post since the end of January? Is February really over already? Where did the time go???
Some of the detritus from our many February projects!
Oh, right! We've gotten a lot done during this shortest month of the year. It's been a bit of a whirlwind actually! If you've been following us on Instagram, you'll have seen our February full of building and organizing with a little exploring and visiting mixed in for good measure.

L-R: Rosemary sanding the counter between coats, Robin sanding the shelves, Rosemary coating the work table.
We worked on a fun little Made in LA Valentine collaboration with our friends at Le Renard. It entailed recarving our I Heart LA lino blocks which we'd been putting off for a while.

Our Love LA+You valentine collaboration with Le Renard.
The electrician came and ran the lines for the press and paper cutter (both of which we'll be moving into the space very soon!). We also built-out the studio kitchenette and made a beautiful plywood and sawhorse work table.

L-R: our newly built-out kitchenette, electrical lines ready for the press and paper cutter, our new work table in use.
While all of this was going on, we also had a few guests come to town, including Rosemary's sister Anne from Dot and Lil and her boyfriend. We had a great time visiting the Long Beach flea market, running around the city, going to the Korean spa for a much needed break and taking a small hike in Elysian Park, not to mention some great meals out.

L-R: Long Beach flea, DTLA from Elysian Park, Rosemary and Anne on a hike in Elysian Park.
We're working on some really great projects for March, as well as really looking forward to getting down to business and starting to work with our new equipment! It's taken us a little longer than expected to get set up, but we're looking forward to being fully operational very soon! 

We hope you've had a productive February too, and are looking forward to a busy spring ahead!