September 18, 2017

weekend getaway to Nevada

We met up with family for a few days in Las Vegas this past weekend and took the opportunity to spend a night at the Hoover Dam. It's the first time we've been away in a while and we all really needed it!

L-R: Robin and the babe at the Hoover Dam trail head, the sun coming up over the rock formation outside our hotel window, Rosemary and the babe exploring the trail head.
We drove late on Saturday to spend the night at the Hoover Dam Lodge in Boulder City. We woke up to beautiful desert vistas and spent some time at the Hoover Dam Lodge trail head after splashing around in the hotel pool first.

L-R: driving under the bridge on our way to the Hoover Dam, family picture time at the halfway mark, a view of Hoover Dam as we walked across from Arizona.
We went into town after breakfast and checked out the Hoover Dam museum then drove over the Hoover Dam. We parked on the Arizona side and walked around in the heat for a bit. Even though it wasn't our first trip to Hoover Dam it still never fails to amaze!

L-R: Motel for sale with fun MCM typography, restored neon installation on Fremont Street, pool time with the babe at the Thunderbird Motel in Las Vegas, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on the strip.
We then drove into Las Vegas and spent the next two days with family we hadn't seen in a very long time. Neither of us had been back to Las Vegas since we moved to Los Angeles just over seven years ago. A lot had changed and a lot had stayed the same. We didn't go out and explore much on this trip, but still enjoyed the neon signs and just let the Vegas spectacle wash over us. It provided a good opportunity to think about the last seven years. We talked a lot as our tired toddler napped in the back seat of the car, about life, our business and about the big changes we have in store over the next few months.

A fun neon sign Boomerang video we shared on Instagram!

Thank you Nevada, we had a great time and may even be back soon!

Happy nearly fall friends!


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