July 07, 2014

thank you for coming!

Please note, the image of us on the right is courtesy of LA County Store's Instagram account.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last weekend! We really appreciate all of the kind words and support we've received over the past few months, it means a great deal. We were so happy to open our doors and welcome you into our studio! 

Some moments from the photo booth!
We still have a lot of work ahead of us, there are more boxes to unpack, building projects to embark upon and a mountain of printing to get to. Honestly, we can't wait to jump in and get it all done! 

L-R: installing our new vinyl sign, part of the food spread (photo courtesy of Motherfudger's Instagram feed),  a view of the party early on (photo courtesy of Ana Herda). 
We're already working on a few building projects and are back at work printing wholesale orders! We're also hoping to have some new work for the upcoming summer craft shows. 

Some more moments from the photo booth!
We hope you enjoyed some of of our favorite moments from our launch party photo booth, visit our Facebook page to view the rest!


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