October 26, 2013

Thank you for coming out to Artisanal L.A.!

L-R: Robin installing our vinyl sign with our friend Robert from Lustered Walnut, working on the display, our booth fully installed and ready for a busy weekend!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us at Artisanal LA a few weeks ago! It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. It was especially fun to meet some of our Instagram followers in person! It was such a treat to participate in a show that provided sturdy walls, so we took the opportunity to work on some display ideas we'd been thinking about for a while. It was so nice of our friends Sharon and KC from Academy of Handmade to notice, they featured our display on their blog as an example of good signage.

L-R: Someone came by our booth with a Helms Bakery neon sign tattoo, our 2013 Holiday Collection turned a lot of heads, our booth shared with Lustered Walnut was pretty busy throughout the weekend!
We're hard at work, getting ready for the L.A. Salt craft show coming up on Sunday November 3rd and West Coast Craft in San Francisco November 16+17. We can't wait to show off our new Bay Area neon sign cards and calendars that are currently in production. 

L-R: Our SF Ferry Building inked up and ready to carve, the linocut blocks for our Bay Area Neon Sign cards ready to proof, our carved Ferry Building linocut block.
We're also preparing to launch our Kickstarter campaign very soon and hunting for a new studio space, so stay tuned! 

Thank you for a lovely weekend! It's always so much easier to deinstall!

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